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Welcome to our Web site.  It has been a while since we have updated this site. We're back!   To reach us simply send an email to ben [atsign] benepstein88 [dot] com or xiaolancao[atsign]hotmail[dot]com

Shanghai World Expo July 2010

China Pavillion

On the grounds

Xiaolan's Birthday at "M on the Bund" in Shanghai July 2010

Shanghai Barbie Store (Bettirose and cousin) July 2010

Old Water Town near Shanghai July 2010

The locals:

New Water Town July 2010

Bored Cousin Mimi July 2010

Shanghai 1933 Abatoir (converted to gallery and shopping mall) August 2010

Very good spicey chicken

Photos from Hawaii (August-September 2010)

Pocono Manor (Feb 2010)

Lionel's 10th Birthday (at home May 2010)

Lionel in a Bumblebee Camero at NY Auto Show (April 2010)

Lionel at the Popenhausen Museum jail with 4th grade class

Mom and Dad at Wynn in Las Vegas (March 2010)

Easter Parade (April 2010)

Atlantic City May 2010

Atlantic City August 2010

Bettirose 6th Birthday

Other photos

Ben and Daniel Roth (Organist Extaordinaire of St. Sulpice) at Tom's Restaurant, NYC, April 2010 (photo by Pierre Dub-Attenti)

Photos from 16 September "Macro burst"

The Basket Monster

Interesting Observation:
Petra "Treasury" (November 2009)
Wanamaker Grand Court Organ:
(scales conserved)

Some videos:
Lionel plays CPE Bach Solfeggietto in c minor
Bettirose plays Jingle Bells



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Miscellaneous Photos and Bettirose at Birth (XV) (October 2004 to December 2004)

Baby Bettirose and friends (XVI) (January 2005 to March 2005)

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Baby Bettirose and friends (XVIII) (June 2005 to November 2005)

Baby Bettirose and friends (XIX) (December 2005 to May 2006)

Halloween and Shanghai 06 (XX) (October 2006 to August 2007)

(before 2010)

Wanamaker Organ

Shanghai Wedding Photos (August 4, 1999)

Visit to China (August, 1999)

Wedding Ceremony (May 10, 1998)

Honeymoon in Italy (July, 1998)

Visit to China (August, 1997)

Visit to China (December 1995 - January 1996)

Grand Canyon and Las Vegas (December 1998 - January 1999)

Yin Lok Chan Memorial (February, 1999)


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