Ben is proud to be a member of the Wanamaker Organ Symposium, whose aim is to restore this famous organ to a fully playable condition. Right now, about two-thirds of the instrument is functional. Nevertheless, it never has sounded better.


Views of case at night while the store is closed. Newly installed and adjusted lighting system (17 March 2001):


6-Manual Console (18 March 2001):


Right Jamb of Console (18 March 2001):


Pedal Accessories (18 March 2001):


Ben next to console during repair work (18 March 2001):


View of console from opposite of Grand Court at night (17 March 2001):


Placement ofcConsole (accessed via women's sportware department; console is behind fenced in area) (18 March 2001):


View of shop; located under Pedal Division chests (18 March 2001):


Setter board for Tutti selections (18 March 2001):


Six ranks of Vox Humanas situated in rear of Orchestral Organ. This division is silent while it presently undergoes repairs. (18 March 2001):


Expression shades of the Orchestral Division. Note the rather limited openning area behind the latter, which constrains the sound. (18 March 2001):


Pedal reed (18 March 2001):



Ethereal Division, Wanamaker Organ, Philadelphia, PA (16 Dec. 2000 -- during installation of spring bolts):


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