Visit to China

2-15 August 1999

Canal near Suzhou (near Tai Wu)

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Garden in Suzhou (The Lion Garden)

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Adminstrator's Garden Window

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The "Administrator's Garden" (Suzhou)

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At the Lion's Garden

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At the Administrator's Garden

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Ting-Ting in a "Dome of Silence" Phone Booth in Suzhou

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Canal in Suzhou (near Lion's Garden)

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Hangzhou Lake (road to big restaurant)

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Lions Garden in Suzhou

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Ben in Kowloon (I think Mody St.)

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Main square in Macau

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A sick Xiaolan at the ruins of the Cathedral (Macau)

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Dim sum at the Floating Restaurant (Hong Kong)

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Panoramic View of Hong Kong (12 August 1999)

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Family and relatives in Shanghai

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